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Our Purpose: Simple Sustainable Success

Nukshuk is a mobile application built to guide you on your journey to Simple Sustainable Success. We believe in the power of habits. By making it easy for you to track your daily habits, you can hold yourself accountable and receive real time empathetic support from people you trust.

Our Core Values

A white icon of two people, placed within a blue gradient circle. This represents being able to connect with others in the Nukshuk app for encouragement and accountability.


A white heart icon placed within a purple gradient circle.


A white icon of a padlock, placed within a fuschia gradient-colored circle.


A white icon of an arm with strong muscles, placed within a magenta gradient circle.


inukshuk   /i’ nook, shook/

noun: a structure of stacked rough stones, used by the Inuit people as landmarks

Inukshuks were used as navigational guideposts and markers for routes and camps. People constructed them to help guide each other through the frozen tundra. This ancient symbol speaks to the intention we have at Nukshuk.

A white vector illustration of an Inuit Inukshuk. There are two large stones that touch the ground. On top of these stones, additional stones are stacked. The entire structure has a humanoid appearance.

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

We understand that your goals, dreams and habits are very personal. Maintaining your privacy is one of our greatest priorities. We won’t share or sell your personal information. In addition, all the application privacy controls are in your hands so you get to regulate who’s allowed to access and view your Nukshuk content.

Download Nukshuk For Yourself!

Available January 2020 for download in the App Store. Coming soon to Google Play for Android devices.